High 7 year old

Saw this video earlier.  Some of his comments are pure gold:  “”Ok now………………………ok now……………………I have two fingers..?”   and  “Is this real life, yes its real life”

I think that the clip was both sad and funny with the way he was reacting. It was probably just morphine the kid had inhaled considering he had been at the dentist, but still he reacted way more than what was expected.

This kid is now famous with over 1.3 million views on youtube. The positive aspect is that he is famous. The negative aspect is that he will probably grow up known as the “Morphine Kid”. This will probably lead to horrible parents getting their kids stoned in order to become famous on youtube. Stupid parents…


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4 responses to “High 7 year old

  1. Nizar

    So fares… , still want to become famous ? ;P

    I have a plan! ^^

    I watched the video 4 times so far, this kids slowness is average, relaxation below average (if he was told what was going to happen he would have been less worried and in a better mood), hallucination is way past average.

    Why didn’t I get morphine from my dentist visits? 😦

  2. smegtastic

    hahaha, yeah rich and famous is my goal. But I would rather not be the laughingstock of the whole internet.

    yeah, as I said he seemed to hallucinate a lot. What you say is probably true that he would have handled it better had he known what was going to happen. And it is what the dad should have done.

  3. Fares, är det du? :O

  4. nej det är inte jag Samantha:P

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