2 Afghans face death over translation of the Quran



I find things like this very stupid. What happened  is that 2 men tranlsated the Quran into one of Afghanistans local languages but without including the original arabic text alongside the translation. This lead to clerics going angry and started accusing the translators of trying to anoint themselves as a prohpets by trying to replace the Quran instead of just offer a simple translation. So now the 2 translators are on a deathrow.

There are many things I find stupid with this way of behaving. The original intention of the translators was to provide a Quran that would be useful to Afghans who didn’t now Arabic, and they included a note that gave permission to reprint the text as long a it was distributed for free. So money wasn’t their goal.

But the thing is that the Quran is seen as the eternal word of God and the belief is that it simply cannot be translated. It can only be loosely approximated. And the translators probably knew that, but that still doesn’t justify killing them. So it boils down to muslim clerics possessing too much power and them following the Sharia law, which is rather brutal in my opinion. Even if they added new things from themselves in the translation they shouldn’t be killed.

Now you probably ask why we dont hear about Jewish, Christian, Hindu or other communities threatening death over mistranslations of their important writing. The answer is that there are fundamentalist Jews and Christians that would love to kill people for blasphemy, gayness or other stupid reasons. The only difference is that there is no place in the world where they hold as much power as these muslim clerics possess.

I can only see a way out of this mess in the arabic world if the state and religion is seperated so that clerics possess lesser power and in doing so they wont be able to do as much damage as they are doing now.



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2 responses to “2 Afghans face death over translation of the Quran

  1. That’s another reason that makes me doubt that the Quran carries the words of God.

    Why would God send his message in one language when humans speak thousands of different languages, he should have either sent different prophets with different translated versions of the Quran to the different language speaking cultures or he would just have created us all in a way that we speak the same language.

    It’s obvious that religions are man made, there is proof what so ever that these scripts carry the words of the creator.

    The creator of such a complex universe would have avoided such silly mistakes if it/he/she wanted to communicate with us.

    I highly doubt that by separating religion and state in the middle east you will put an end to such extremism, in fact most of the extremism is not state generated or related, most of it is made by normal people that take their religion literally and seriously, look at Al-Qaida and the Jihadist networks in the middle east, they are not funded or supported by the middle eastern states in anyway, they are just normal people that take their religion seriously.

    I think that religions should die in order for man to survive.

  2. ok, I think that you are going a bit too far with condemning religion. First of all, I dont want to go into why God decided to only pass down the Quran in arabic. That’s a discussion that won’t lead anywhere.

    Secondly, I do think that seperating religion and state apart is a good way to improve the way the countries are governed. By seperating them then the country would follow several procedures that would weaken the religion and also improve the standard of living of the population. One of those is that the Sharia laws wouldnt be pursued as much as now. And other actions, like hopefully an improvement in education (which is very important) and a more equal society. Just the seperation won’t do all but it’s a big way forward for a better state.

    Thirdly, I absolutely do not agree with you that “religion must die in order for man to survive”. That just sounds stupid. Do you mean that people will kill each other becasue of religion? Yes, people kill in the name of religion, but they also kill in the name of their country, the name their traditions and probably also in the name of their toilet. By killing in the name of religion you are just using religion as a scapegoat. I’m sure that Hitler killed in the name of religion, right? Or Napoleon or Genghis Kahn… What I’m saying is that people would kill each other just as much without religion, that people will always find something they kill the others for. Additionally religion has helped to improve the knowledge in many scientific fields.

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