:). Contact Juggling is cool

Yeah, I just watched some clips on youtube about contact juggling and I was impressed.  I mean sliding the ball around in that way is impressive and I liked how they create an illusion that the ball floats. But when I read about it I understood how it works.

It’s a crystal ball that is used, so you can’t easily tell if it’s rotating or not. Then the reflections remain exactly the same, which is why you get the floating sensation e.g. when he’s rolling it along his hand. But at the same time, you need to really be skilled at this in order to impress the audience. So it’s one part dexterity and one part optical illusion.

(ps: yes, I’m have started to blog again, just needed to take a small break. Hopefully I will return to my golden age when I used to write 23 posts a day… ehm. baby steps baby steps)


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