Israeli legislative election, 2009

Incompetent fool

Incompetent fool

So, tomorrow Israel is holding their legislative elections. Last-minute israeli polls predict that Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party will win. Benjamin is a super right wing conservatist that will just act as a hawk instead of trying to achieve peace or atleast cool down the region. He is the George W Bush of Israel. Nothing good will come out of him ruling the country.

But all hope is not lost becasue he is not an ideologue, he is just a cowardly opportunist who thought that running on a hard line plattform would be th easiest way to get elected. This means that the new Obama administration in the US can and should pressure him to do the right thing. But unfortunately he has been a PM earlier and he was probably the most incompetent PM in teh histroy of Israel. So it’s safe to assume that harsh times are ahead on all fronts.

The good news is that Netanyahu is not an ideologue, he’s a spineless opportunist who figured out running on a hard line platform is the easiest way to get elected. This means that the US can and should pressure him to do the right thing. Also historically, it was always the right wingers who removed settlements, as it is a political impossibility for a liberal government to do so.
The bad news is that he was probably the most incompetent PM in the history of Israel, so it’s safe to assume that rough times are ahead on all fronts.


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A Short Hiatus.




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Ghengis Khan was Badass!


Did you know that he and his army are thought to have killed around 35 to 40 million people. That’s a little more than the population of Canada, he also conquered 13 million square miles of land (in meter: 33669845434368 m²), so he basically couldn’t walk a mile without leaving three dead bodies in his wake.

Additionally, reports show that he was the father of the generation that went on and produced 0.5% of the worlds’ population. That’s 16 million people. That means for every two persons he killed, he impregnated one.

A famous quote of his is: “No. To crush your enemies, and see them fall at your feet – to take their horses and belongings, and to hear the lamentation of their women. That is the best life.” A phrase most people recognize from the Conan the Barbarian movie.

A highly reputable man. Don’t you agree?


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2 Afghans face death over translation of the Quran



I find things like this very stupid. What happened  is that 2 men tranlsated the Quran into one of Afghanistans local languages but without including the original arabic text alongside the translation. This lead to clerics going angry and started accusing the translators of trying to anoint themselves as a prohpets by trying to replace the Quran instead of just offer a simple translation. So now the 2 translators are on a deathrow.

There are many things I find stupid with this way of behaving. The original intention of the translators was to provide a Quran that would be useful to Afghans who didn’t now Arabic, and they included a note that gave permission to reprint the text as long a it was distributed for free. So money wasn’t their goal.

But the thing is that the Quran is seen as the eternal word of God and the belief is that it simply cannot be translated. It can only be loosely approximated. And the translators probably knew that, but that still doesn’t justify killing them. So it boils down to muslim clerics possessing too much power and them following the Sharia law, which is rather brutal in my opinion. Even if they added new things from themselves in the translation they shouldn’t be killed.

Now you probably ask why we dont hear about Jewish, Christian, Hindu or other communities threatening death over mistranslations of their important writing. The answer is that there are fundamentalist Jews and Christians that would love to kill people for blasphemy, gayness or other stupid reasons. The only difference is that there is no place in the world where they hold as much power as these muslim clerics possess.

I can only see a way out of this mess in the arabic world if the state and religion is seperated so that clerics possess lesser power and in doing so they wont be able to do as much damage as they are doing now.


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will update later tonight

Hello, sorry that I havent updated in a while but I haven thad the ttim will do it later tonight . cheers


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High 7 year old

Saw this video earlier.  Some of his comments are pure gold:  “”Ok now………………………ok now……………………I have two fingers..?”   and  “Is this real life, yes its real life”

I think that the clip was both sad and funny with the way he was reacting. It was probably just morphine the kid had inhaled considering he had been at the dentist, but still he reacted way more than what was expected.

This kid is now famous with over 1.3 million views on youtube. The positive aspect is that he is famous. The negative aspect is that he will probably grow up known as the “Morphine Kid”. This will probably lead to horrible parents getting their kids stoned in order to become famous on youtube. Stupid parents…


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Draw Bart’s mouth

Its easy, you draw his mouth and then tag 2 other people who also has to do it.

The original picture:

Bart with no mouth

Bart with no mouth

My take:

My Bart

My Bart

haha, I’m not the “bestest” at drawing as you can probably see.

And here are other examples not done by me. These will probably get you imaginative:


example 1

Example 2

Example 2

The two people that I tag are: Nizar and Ann-lee.


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